Every heart candle by Maagic Hearts glass jar is personally made using a special technique of glass blowing. Each candle is Unique and Special. It is colored white with a matte effect for a particularly aesthetic note. The glass cover is detachable. The soft colored frosted candle jar allows the light of the flame to shine through the glass when burning. It is carefully put in a wonderful red and white gift box wrapped with a gift ribbon. A beautiful heart with a note saying “With Love“ is printed as an accessory on the inside of the cover as you open it.

Just add your signature to make a special gift for your loved ones. All MaagicHearts are filled with 100% Natural Biodegradable and Eco–Friendly Pure Soy Wax. There is 5.3 oz of pure soy wax in each jar with two wicks inside which are made of Pure Cotton. They are Lead and Zinc Free for clean burning and a better connection with nature. Its beautiful glow and wonderful scent will delight you for 20 hours. You can choose from three different scent mixes: Lavender & Vanilla, Sweet Orange & Cinnamon, or Peppermint & Eucalyptus. I selected only the finest natural essential oils and fragrance oils – ones that are both exquisitely fragrant and potent. Each blend emits its own heavenly frequency to complement your spiritual way of living and providing with Aromatherapy benefits. These combinations are much more than a fragrance: they are divine ritual candles filled with Essence of LOVE.

Once all the wax is burned, the MaagicHearts inscribed jar can be washed with hot water. This way you can remove any wax remains and use the beautiful heart jar to store your little valuables or sweet treats.