MaagicHearts scented soy wax candle is a perfect present with personal touch of Love for you or your loved ones. It was created with intention to open our hearts to the flame of eternal love, to connect people and spaces. Heart is Love. Let this peaceful and warm energy embrace you and that your holy space brightens up in all its aromatic beauty.

Unique & Luxury Candles. Every heart candle glass jar is handmade using a special technique of glass blowing. It is additionally colored in white with matte effect. With its magical look you will be absolutely overwhelmed. It is simply exceptional, uniquely made and new on the market.

High Quality & Premium Packaging. A wonderful and luxury gift box with Heart and the note With Love is printed as an accessory on the inside of the cover. Just add your signature and give it as a gift to the people you Love, Yourself or just to say Thank You. There is no need for you to wrap it because you can close the gift box with cute ribbon.

Reconnect with Nature. Filled with 100 % natural biodegradable – non toxic and eco – friendly soy wax – paraben free. There is 5.3 oz of pure soy wax in each heart candle jar and has two wicks inside wich are made of pure cotton. Every wick is lead and zinc free for clean burning. We selected only the finest of natural essential oils and fragrance oils – ones that are both exquisite in scents and potent in power of Aromatherapy benefits. Hand- poured. They are non toxic to health as are classic paraffin candles. Indulge in this smelling, soothing and long lasting aroma and allow it to energize your senses and invigorate your mind. Use it for every day meditations and relaxation.

Outstanding Decor. Relaxing the spirit and let this calming aroma fill the air during your every day moments. Because of its pretty and unique esthetic note you can use it for romantic and special moments with your loved ones or you can just admire it as your decoration in your special place. This candles are perfect choice to warming your home or any personal space with its awesome appearance and heavenly scent. Every heart candle will delight you with burning time of 20 hours.

Created with the Essence of Love. Magic art idea with intention to make people happy, to bring spiritual peace, positive energy, love and joy in your home. It is the perfect present for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding and as a special gifts for mom, women, men, best friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, basically for all the people in this world. For daily precious moments and harmony in your life.

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