It was Saturday morning and Emma was alone at home. Her heart felt heavy because she missed Kevin, her greatest love and best friend, and missed an opportunity to see him last night at the romantic dinner he had invited her to. She really wanted to go but a last-minute project assignment had come in the way, and now she was thinking about him.

They had known each other for quite a long time at work. He was smart and kind, and most of all, took enormous care of her. She, too, took great joy in doing little things to cheer him up. Her mind started to play a series of fun and loving moments they had spent together. Smiling at the little confirmation that felt like a divine help, she put on their favorite song to feel even better, and got down to work.

A few hours passed by. A major part of her project was done, and she needed a break. “Maybe I should make some sandwiches”, she thought. “And call Kevin,” her mind reminded. As she stood up to go the kitchen, the doorbell rang.

“Who could come at this hour?” she asked herself. Her family lived in a different town while she was here for work. Her mind raced to a few options as she kept guessing on her way to the door, and when she finally opened it, she couldn’t believe it.

There he was, the man of her dreams, standing in a white shirt and jeans with a big backpack hung to his shoulder. She looked at him in surprise, not quite knowing how to respond. “Mind if I come in?” he asked with a grin, and she broke into a laughter. “Of course, Kev! What a surprise!” They hugged each other as he came inside. At that moment she felt divine pleasure and happiness in her heart.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it to the dinner last night. I was so busy with the project.”

“Don’t be! I understand you had to finish your work.”

“Aren’t you the best?” she replied, and then turned to the kitchen. “I’ll grab us some snacks. You’ll love my sandwiches!”

“Oh, I’ll have to try to know!” he said with a wink then waved to the room. “I can see your project from here. Okay if I go check it for a while?”

“Of course! Make yourself home. I’ll come in a minute with something.” She saw him go towards the room and smiled. The day was turning out better than she had expected. Once she started working for sandwiches, she decided to make some coffee as well. Finally, she was ready with a tray full of different kinds of snacks that she thought he would like. Realizing that it had already taken her long, she carefully picked it up and walked to the room. The door was shut, and her hands were full so she left the heavy tray at the counter and went to turn the knob.

Everything was dark at the first glance. “Kevin?” she called, and curiously stepped inside. Now she saw warm light coming from a beautiful heart-shaped candle. The room was filled with a pleasant, sweet and gentle smell of Lavender and Vanilla. It tugged at her, and as she came closer to the glass candle she noticed that it had “MaagicHearts” inscribed on it. It was so magnificent and unique. She picked it caringly and admired the majestic look and equally wonderful scent. It felt like it made its way deep down her soul – it was so relaxing and freeing. Something inside her told that only great things were in store for her.

Just as she placed the candle back, her foot touched something soft. She turned around and realised that the whole place was decorated with numerous rose petals and cute, colourful balloons. She was awe-struck. Suddenly Kevin came from behind and gently tapped on her shoulder. She turned quickly and saw that he was holding the prettiest bouquet of pink roses, and couldn’t help an excited squeal. Then he sat on his knees and offered her the roses. She bent down, too, smiling at the man who had arranged this special surprise for her. This man, who had already won her since the first day they had met. It was all so romantic, he had really put his heart into planning this day. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she accepted the roses and hugged him.

“I love you!” she said.

“Me too!” he replied, and she knew he meant it. They didn’t need a lot of words because their souls could do the talking.

A moment later, he broke the embrace and brought out a tiny, lavender-colored box from his pocket. Her heart fluttered with joy as he opened it to reveal a stunning diamond ring.

“I want to spend all my weekdays and weekends with you. I want to tell you how beautiful you are, and how much everything about you means to me. I’m not perfect but I know that we can fill our lives with love by accepting each other as we are, appreciating the beauty that each new day will bring for us, and just being there by each other’s side. Truly and forever.”

“Our hearts are magically connected, Kev. There’s no other way!” she replied with a smile and tears of happiness, and gave him a hand to place the beautiful ring on.

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