I am very happy to pour these words on paper and beyond touched and honored to share this with you. For the last 10 years, I was working for a well-reputed global company in sales. With dedication and love, I was helping businesses succeed in every field. I was also working to create good relationships in the team while inspiring beautiful moments for people in the process. Thank you, my loves.

It certainly was exciting and challenging at the same time. I not only had fun there, but I also learned a lot of new things, and it wasn’t a piece of cake either. My career had a big impact on my personal and spiritual expansion mainly because my inspiration were people around me. I always enjoyed taking my time to listen to their stories, in tears and joy. This meant the world to me. I gave all my power, energy, love, devotion, and empathy to this group, to my staff. I felt an urge to help them, to bring them joy, whenever I could and however I could do it. We shared emotions and feelings among us and that was an even bigger motivation for me—to live in such harmony. Hours, days, and years went by as we cherished these experiences and challenges together, and then a new role came in my life…

I became a mother. It was a gift from heaven, the biggest blessing I had been bestowed with. This heavenly role was caressing my soul, and the warmth in my heart was reaching new dimensions. My love was expanding and increasing every second. My feelings became even deeper as if there was a volcano of beauty and emotions inside of me, waiting to erupt. And erupt it did, with the nicest shades and sounds, and for which I am eternally grateful. But it was as the maternity leave year approached an end, and the time to go back to work creeped closer, that I kept asking myself just one question: “how?”

Everything had changed both inside and outside me. I was now a business woman, a mother, partner, housewife and more. This new challenge was very emotional because now I knew I wouldn’t have much time for my little boy, for my interests, for my partner, or for myself because my work required all my devotion and responsibility on all levels. This new challenge was a vicious circle and I couldn’t find a way out. I had lost the most precious thing I coveted in the fast pace of life, that is, the connection to myself and to my feminine touch. I felt a whirl of emotions between duties and responsibilities coming from all directions and the space for being me becoming all too small. I kept changing my priorities but my to-do list remained endless. My aspirations and expectations were taking a turn towards hopelessness as I realized that the thrill or passion I felt towards a new day was long gone. That happiness was gone.

And then….

My soul started to talk to me intensively.

I want to live fully, it said.

I am the creator of my life.

It was a new spark in my life! A new awareness. The story that I thought had ended for me was in fact hinting at a new beginning. And so I gave all I could and received all that life brought my way. My mission in this work community was accomplished. It was time to say goodbye to my job and to follow my dreams, and I knew it. My inner voice, one that talked to me tenderly and guided my path, asked me to choose MYSELF and my SPIRITUAL mission. With all the gratitude towards everybody and everything that I met and learned, I left. After all these years, with a realization that through this role, I had met myself even more.

The story did not end here. However, I had come closer to my goal. Now I was happy and completely convinced that I did the right thing. I felt relief and happiness, even though I was not completely sure what I was going to do in the future, but I was not afraid. Instead, I had a renewed FAITH in myself. I knew that time has come for me to express myself in full and to live up to my new mission, to share creativity and LOVE on an even greater scale.

A new dawn has come. Like a bird I fly high where new spiritual space opens up. The feeling that I “must do“ something is gone. There are no time limits, no hurrying on every single step.

I try to feel every little piece of silence, grace, and excitement. I look higher where sunshine opens new horizons. There is freedom and passion for all living things, for all that exists here and now. The new path is calling me to the unknown. To the land with no limits, where anything can be achieved. My inner voice tells me: follow your instincts. My Dear Soul… I thank her and fall into this great space of attraction. With my true me and inspiration for life I let everybody know that I am here.  I feel free and powerful… Magical. My eyes can see it and my heart can feel it. “I am yours,“ I say and leave myself to this goodly, hearty energy, to these vibrations. All my gifts, talents, passions, my higher mission in life… I want to know them, recognize and touch them, admire them, awaken them, and share them with everyone! I long for a deeper touch of awareness, for the beauty of living for dimensions beyond the limits. I want to love and be loved completely, fully, and throughout my whole self.

With a clear heart I start this adventure, away from reason, in the heart of Godly frequencies where every moment is priceless! I feel the need to expand, give, and share this godly power, this awareness, these feelings, this blessing. This, which is called LOVE.

Here it is in front of you. This is the manifestation of heavenly creation and my feelings towards it. In all its beauty, it is for you to take in your hands, to admire, cherish, and to let your heart do the talking. It is Maagic like your Soul. It was created with the intention to open our hearts, to connect with people, spaces, worlds. With an open heart anything can be done! HEART is LOVE. It is energy which gives an endless abundance of all beauty, purity, originality and honesty.

Moments keep fleeting away, burning in time, while the heart stays intact, absorbing and seeing it all. Allow time to stop for you while you watch this Maagic Flame. Let this godly energy embrace you with its warmth and witness your holy space brighten up in all its beauty.

This is not only a candle, it is a Flame of Eternal Love. It was created with the Essence of Love, with a pure intention to lighten our hearts up, to make people happy, and to make this world fuller.

Candles are one of the strongest Feng Shui ‘medicines.’ Their light creates a rainbow of good feelings, energy and positive thoughts in your home. Every MaagicHeart is personally created with a special technique of mouth-blowing glass. Each piece is unique and special. Its white color and matte effect gives a pristine impression while the dedication “With love” on the gift box enhances the fantastic experience. This candle is created with the cleanest natural materials because I value the connection with nature, and it is very important for me that no ingredients are harmful for your health. I have made three mixtures of scents. They are all delicate, charming, and heavenly. Each one of them has its own note.

This is my gift for You and to your Loved ones.

MaagicHearts – Created with a pure essence of Love. This is the first manifestation of building energy in a physical form while others are still to come. If you follow me along this journey, I will be truly flattered. In return I promise you that I will always be true to my inner voice, and my heart with remain open to future gifts, and that I will share with you unconditional Love in the future as well. Maybe my honest story will inspire you to make a change in your life path. You are the creator of your abundance. Have faith in your gifts and talents and express them fully. Each one of us is unique and special, as precious as are the moments around us. Waking up starts with the Love for Self.

Thank you for your trust.


Kssena – Creator of MaagicHearts